EHL Hospitality Business School


CH-1000 Lausanne 25

Institution Details:

[011] [41] 21-785-11-11

[011] [41] 21-785-11-21

Route de Cojonnex 18,

CH-1000 Lausanne 25,


Accreditation Details:

Initial Accreditation:


CTCI Accreditation:

1997-2003   (Read more)



Last Comprehensive Evaluation Visit:


Next Comprehensive Evaluation Visit:

Fall 2033

Degrees Awarded:

Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's

CEO Name:

Dr. Markus Venzin

CEO Title:

CEO of EHL Group and President of the Board

Instructional Locations:

Passugg, Switzerland (EHL Village in Passugg, Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (SSTH) Campus site, Hauptstrasse 12)
Singapore, Singapore 258672 (EHL Campus (Singapore), 3 Lady Hill Road)

Action on Institutional Status:

An institution may have several locations included in its accreditation. The main campus address is listed above. Questions about other locations may be directed to the Commission at

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