Data and Research Advisory Committee

In support of the work of the Commission, NECHE gathers a large amount of data on institutional performance measures such as enrollment, finances, and student success. At its meeting in June 2022, the Commission approved the creation of a Data and Research Advisory Committee to ensure that the data it gathers and analyzes are appropriate and useful for meeting the needs of its various stakeholders. The purpose of the Data and Research Advisory Committee is to advise and make recommendations to the Commission on the collection, analysis, and dissemination of data and other information to support NECHE’s dual mission to ensure the quality of higher education and to foster institutional improvement, as well as to identify potential research questions for analysis.

The Data and Research Advisory Committee will consider ways that data and research can effectively support three distinct, yet interrelated stakeholder groups:

1) its member institutions, supporting them in understanding and improving institutional effectiveness, including student learning and success;

2) the Commission, evaluating institutional performance and improvement through its accreditation processes and considering areas of further research and analysis;

3) the public, providing useful information to external stakeholders via its website and other media.

The Data and Research Advisory Committee is comprised of twelve-fifteen members reflective of the diversity of NECHE’s member institutions with at least one member from outside a higher education institution.  

2022-2023 Committee Membership

Andrew Shennan, Provost and Dean, Wellesley College, NECHE Commissioner

Lisa Ijiri, Clinical Professor in Higher Education Leadership, Lesley University, NECHE Commissioner-elect

Drew Allen, Associate Provost for Institutional Research, Harvard University

Kate Edney, Associate Provost, Regis College

Donny Femino, Assistant Vice President, Research & Planning, Endicott College

Barry Garside, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, Nashua Community College

LeRoy Graham, Associate Provost, Middlebury College

Jessica Greene, Associate Vice Provost, Assessment & Accreditation, Boston College

Qing Mack, Regional and Campus Director of Institutional Research, North-west Region, CT Community Colleges

Mary Jo Maydew, Vice President for Finance and Administration Emerita, Mount Holyoke College

Ken McVearry, Relationship Manager for Post-secondary Data Partnerships, National Student Clearinghouse

Carina Self, Assistant Dean of Engagement and Academic Effectiveness, Granite State College 

Jeff St. John, Associate Vice Chancellor for Accreditation and Strategic Initiatives, University of Maine System

Pamela Taylor, Director of Research, Consortium on Financing Higher Education (COFHE)