Types of Campus Locations

Main Campus: The institution’s primary campus, which includes the principal office of the chief executive officer.

Other Principal Campus: A campus away from the Main Campus that houses a portion or portions of the institution’s academic program (e.g., the medical school), or a permanent location offering 100% of the degree requirements of one or more of the academic programs offered on the Main Campus, or which otherwise meets the definition of branch campus.

Branch Campus: A location of an institution that is geographically apart and independent of the Main Campus and which meets all of the following criteria: a) offers 50% or more of an academic program leading to a degree, certification, or other recognized credential, or at which a degree may be completed; b) is permanent in nature; c) has its own faculty and administrative or supervisory organization; and d) has its own budgetary and hiring authority.

Instructional Location: Any instructional site geographically apart from the Main Campus where 50% or more of a degree or credit-bearing certificate can be completed, but which otherwise does not meet the definition of Branch Campus. Not included in this definition are courses that are short-term, non-credit, community service, or non-traditional credit-bearing courses that are offered on an occasional basis in response to constituency needs or interests.