Show Cause for Withdrawal of Accreditation

The Commission determined, through the periodic review process, that the institution may be out of compliance with one or more of the Standards for Accreditation.  In accordance with its Policy and Procedures for the Commission’s Review of Show-Cause Considerations, the institution will be asked to “show cause” as to why it should not have its accreditation withdrawn. Prior to its show-cause hearing with the Commission, the institution will be asked to submit a report along with sufficient material evidence to demonstrate that it is compliant with the standard(s) or that plans and access to resources are in place to make it possible for the institution to become compliant with the standards within a time period not to exceed two years. Material evidence generally includes, but is not limited to, financial statements, budgets, finance and enrollment projections, and institutional planning documents. An evaluation team may conduct a focused visit prior to the show-cause hearing to validate the institution’s report.

The institution’s report, material evidence and, if applicable, the team report and recommendation, and the institution’s response to the team report will be submitted to the Commission in advance of the show-cause hearing, which will be scheduled at one of its regularly scheduled meetings. At the show-cause hearing, the Commission will conduct a face-to-face interview with the Chief Executive Officer and other relevant representatives of the institution, after which time the Commission will make its decision based on careful evaluation of all materials.