Vermont State University

United States,



Institution Details:

124 Admin Drive,

PO Box 500,




United States

Accreditation Details:



Next Comprehensive Evaluation Visit:

Spring 2027

Degrees Awarded:

Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's

CEO Name:

Dr. David G. Bergh

CEO Title:

Interim President

Instructional Locations:

Anchorage, AK (Vermont State University - Anchorage AK, 3601 C St 8th Floor)
Bennington, VT (Vermont State University - Bennington, 105 Union Street)
Berlin, VT (Vermont State University - Berlin, 130 Fisher Road)
Keene, NH (Vermont State University - Keene, NH, 136 Arch Street)
Killington, VT (Vermont State University - Killington, 63 Weathervane Dr.)
Lebanon, NH (Vermont State University - Lebanon, NH, One Medical Center Drive)
Manchester, NH (Vermont State University - Manchester NH, 2 Wall Street)
Middlebury, VT (Vermont State University - Middlebury, 51 Charles Avenue)
Newport, VT (Vermont State University - Newport, 100 Main Street)
Rutland, VT (Vermont State University - Rutland, 60 West Street)
St. Albans, VT (Vermont State University - St. Albans, 97 North Main Street, Suite 300)
Wausau, WI (Vermont State University - Wausau WI, 518 South 7th Avenue)
White River Junction, VT (Vermont State University - White River Junction, 145 Billings Farm Road)
Williston, VT (Vermont State University - Blair Park, 201 Lawrence Place 400 Suite)

Other Campus Locations:

Brattleboro, VT (Vermont State University - Brattleboro, 41 Harmony Place)
Castleton, VT (Vermont State University - Castleton Campus, 62 Alumni Drive)
Johnson, VT (Vermont State University - Johnson Campus, 337 College Hill)
Lyndonville, VT (Vermont State University - Lyndon Campus, 1001 College Road)
Williston, VT (Vermont State University - Williston Campus, 141 Lawrence Place)

Action on Institutional Status:

An institution may have several locations included in its accreditation. The main campus address is listed above. Questions about other locations may be directed to the Commission at

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