Commission Action: Deferment of Action on Continuing the Institution’s Accreditation

The Commission deferred action on continuing the institution’s accreditation because, based on an evaluation of the institution’s self-study, the report of the evaluation team, and the response of the institution to the team report, it determined that it had insufficient information on which to base a final decision. The action was tabled for a period of time not to exceed two meetings from the date of the Commission action. In the interim, the institution is continued in accreditation and it is required to submit a report and/or host a visit by Commission representatives. Based on the subsequent evaluation of the institution’s report and other relevant materials, the Commission will determine the extent to which the institution meets the Standards for Accreditation. While the institution may be in compliance with one or more of the Standards for Accreditation, if the Commission determines it is also out of compliance with one or more Standards for Accreditation, it may ask the institution to show-cause as to why it should not be put on probation or have its accreditation withdrawn. In making this judgment the Commission gives principal attention  to the statement of the standard for each of the Commission’s Standards for Accreditation.